Saturday, June 12, 2010

keep on truckin...

Well I haven't lost anything for probably the past two weeks which is okay with me because I am not gaining either! I just want it to move a little faster because I have absolutely no patience! When I hit my big goal I am going to get a tattoo. My hubby is not to thrilled with me getting another one (i have 4 but it looks like two, hard to explain). I have been thinking a lot about what I want to get and where I want to get one. I think I would have a lot if I could...and that may sound trashy to some people but I would have them tastefully done and tastefully placed. I want one on my wrist, my neck, my side on my ribs (OUCH!), my ring finger and on my foot. I have wanted to get angle wings for the longest time in honor of my grandfather but I already have a humingbird in honor of him...SO I think I have decided on an OWL. For some reason lately I have become obessed with Owls. They also remind me of my grandmother for some odd reason. Here are a few pictures that I have found of possible tattoos. Of course I want it to be small. I dont know where I want to put it yet, but at least one part of the puzzle is complete. I love all three of these but it all depends on how small the artist will be able to make them. Well I know this has been a really random post but it is what is on my mind now...Love, B

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  1. I like your tattoo ideas! I've been debating on whether or not I want another tattoo for awhile now. It's very tempting!