Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to Make some $$$$, while spending a little ;)

So I am going on a trip to NYC this Friday... I am super excited that I get to go play with childern for a week, celebrate culture and worship God. I am a little low on the spending money fund so I thought I would get some of my old clothes (that are TOO BIG for me now) and take them to our local Fashion Shack to cash them in. I have never done this before but I am hoping to get some money out of it. Can't hurt right?!?!?! Well while I was there, I was looking through the clothes and found a really cute dress for $10.00 then I saw a sign that if you sent a text message to a certain number you would receive $5.00 off (only for first time users) so I sent the text and got the dress for whooping $5.60. I love getting good deals on clothes.

On to other things...I havent been able to weigh my self this week because the battery in our scale died...or I dropped it..Who knows. I will write about that once it gets fixed.

Love, B.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Skinny Jeans

I just wanted to write that today I am wearing a size 8 jeans. They are cropped skinny leg jeans from Old Navy and I am super excited to be able to wear them...plus I got them for a whopping 8.99! Gotta love deals. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Love, B.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back On Track

I am getting back on track with my weight loss goal. Just hit a bump in the road, got over and now I am back on track. I am back down to 143. I am hoping that when I step on the scale next week that it will say 141 (or at least 142). I have been stuck around this weight for a while now...well it at least seems that way.

Any who on to other goals...I have a friend that would like me to start writing more on my blog (I won't name any names) but I am going to try and write more often. It might not always be about my weight lost but I will try to make it interesting.

The hubby and I are going to look at floor plans on Saturday. I am so excited about this and I am excited to get this adventure rolling. Please pray that we do not kill each other in the process.

Until tomorrow ;) Love, B

Monday, June 21, 2010

Being Honest with my self...and the world

I havent had a good week with the weight loss. I gained two pounds and tried to blame it on my "women issue that comes once a month" but who am I kidding. It probably doesnt help that I ate Waffle House at 11:30 at night (a double order of hash browns will do that do you, but it was oh so good), plus the wonderful food that I had at a cookout, PLUS the wonderful food I had at my in-laws on fathers day. So here goes a new goal for me...I usually don't stick to my points on the weekends as strict as I do during the week. SO this weekend I am going to stick to my usual 20 points and see how that goes. I know I can do it and I WILL DO IT. I am so close to my next goal that I need to do it. I want to start walking, but it is really hot here and it doesnt make it fun when you can't breathe after walking only a few steps. I am hoping to reach my next goal before I go to NYC on a mission trip the first week of July. I think...NO I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. SO when I post again, I will have some good news to share about my wonderful weight LOSS.

Love, B.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I have started again with writing down what I am eating...boy it is hard to track EVERYTHING. But I know I have to if I want to get to my goal fast. This is what I ate today~
Breakfast: Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Creamer and a fiber one bar.
Lunch: Tuna Salad (1 can of chunk white tuna in water, relish, mayo, and mustard), Special K crackers, zucinni and squash.
Dinner: Salad with Italian dressing and a little bit of shredded Parmesan cheese, 1 cup pasta noodles, and 1 cup meat sauce. Oh and I can't forget the few bites of yummy watermelon. I could have eaten the whole thing. All of this came to about 18.5 points. I wish I could afford to do WW's online but I have done pretty good on my own so far.

I weighed myself on Saturday and I have lost another pound. 2 more until I go blond and 16 until my tattoo. My hubby and I were talking and I need another goal in between those. I do a lot better with little goals. I just don't know what I would do/get to reward myself...once I figure that out I will post it.

Love, B

Saturday, June 12, 2010

keep on truckin...

Well I haven't lost anything for probably the past two weeks which is okay with me because I am not gaining either! I just want it to move a little faster because I have absolutely no patience! When I hit my big goal I am going to get a tattoo. My hubby is not to thrilled with me getting another one (i have 4 but it looks like two, hard to explain). I have been thinking a lot about what I want to get and where I want to get one. I think I would have a lot if I could...and that may sound trashy to some people but I would have them tastefully done and tastefully placed. I want one on my wrist, my neck, my side on my ribs (OUCH!), my ring finger and on my foot. I have wanted to get angle wings for the longest time in honor of my grandfather but I already have a humingbird in honor of him...SO I think I have decided on an OWL. For some reason lately I have become obessed with Owls. They also remind me of my grandmother for some odd reason. Here are a few pictures that I have found of possible tattoos. Of course I want it to be small. I dont know where I want to put it yet, but at least one part of the puzzle is complete. I love all three of these but it all depends on how small the artist will be able to make them. Well I know this has been a really random post but it is what is on my mind now...Love, B

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So again its been awhile since I have posted...a lot to update on.

First, I am ready to post how much I actually weigh. I have been struggling with this for some time now. I haven't wanted to post how much I weighed because I was embarrassed that I let myself go that much. BUT now since I have starting loosing weight I think that it is time to be honest with my self and the world. When I started weight watchers I weighed in at 177 (ouch, that's a lot). Like I said, I cant believe I let my self go. I am proud to say that I now weigh 144. I have not weighed myself this week (which I usually do every Wednesday morning) so I will probably weigh my self in the morning. My next goal it to get to 141 so my hubby will pay for me to get my hair did! My ultimate goal is to get to 127...only 17 more pounds to go. I will be rewarding my self big time one I hit that goal. Here is a before picture and what I look like now picture. This one is a before picture:

and this one is an after one. I can really tell a difference when I look at pictures now. Also I have had to buy new clothes and some of the ones that I have bought are even getting too big..which is a bittersweet feeling I guess.

I have also been selling my alpha art. I have sold a totally of 5. That's a start I guess. Here is the picture of the one I did for my last name. I love it but I haven't put

it up yet because I am waiting to see

if I need to use the frame for another

one. I have also done a friend's bridal pictures and pictures for my

brother in laws band. I am starting out little in hopes of going big. Well that's all i have for now I guess. Hopefully I will get better at this blog thing and write more often.