Monday, June 21, 2010

Being Honest with my self...and the world

I havent had a good week with the weight loss. I gained two pounds and tried to blame it on my "women issue that comes once a month" but who am I kidding. It probably doesnt help that I ate Waffle House at 11:30 at night (a double order of hash browns will do that do you, but it was oh so good), plus the wonderful food that I had at a cookout, PLUS the wonderful food I had at my in-laws on fathers day. So here goes a new goal for me...I usually don't stick to my points on the weekends as strict as I do during the week. SO this weekend I am going to stick to my usual 20 points and see how that goes. I know I can do it and I WILL DO IT. I am so close to my next goal that I need to do it. I want to start walking, but it is really hot here and it doesnt make it fun when you can't breathe after walking only a few steps. I am hoping to reach my next goal before I go to NYC on a mission trip the first week of July. I think...NO I KNOW I CAN DO THIS. SO when I post again, I will have some good news to share about my wonderful weight LOSS.

Love, B.

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