Thursday, March 10, 2011


We are officially homeowners!!!! As of last Friday when we finalized everything...and of course I am late blogging about it. We HAVE YET TO SPEND ONE NIGHT IN OUR NEW HOME!!!! I am a little upset about this but it rained all last weekend and it was SO muddy around the new house that we couldn't really move any big stuff in. I did move some kitchen stuff that I had already boxed up into the house and came to realize that we have way to much stuff...Thankfully my hubby was there to help me "let" go of some things that we do not need. We are planning on having a yard sale to get rid of some of our stuff we do not need and then what doesn't sell...sending it to goodwill. Here is a picture of the house...the outside is a lot different because we had to put mulch and hay down.

We are planning on having a house warming party in May and I have already been busy registering for new things!!!! Hopefully this weekend we will be able to move some of the big stuff into the house since it is suppose to be a beautiful weekend. I will post pictures once we gets some more stuff in the house.

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  1. So Happy yall have gotten moved in!!! Enjoy every minute!